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Crashing a wave broke upon a blackened cliff face. The coastline rolled along, just the same seamless black with the deep blue ocean pounding at its feet. The cracks and crags in the cliff line lead up to a small spot of short green grass surrounded by the long yellow grass.

Sitting cross legged was a young man in his early twenties. He sat his ginger hair being rustled slightly by the strong coastal wind, which tugged at the pale green shirt he wore. Cross legged he was perched looking out over the azure glass, a calm surface to him. His blue eyes shone, longing for the deep. The Soft fair skin blended with the white of the clouds, passing behind. Jeans a dark blue folded with his legs, leading down to a pair of white trainers.

"Oh Ray, why am I stuck up here, like this, I'd be much better down in the water, now work, family or friends to worry about. Just a big old ocean to swim in...No responsibility." Contemplating he kept his eyes on the water as a small break in the seemingly placid ocean drew his eye. Rolling up and then down the black and white hump of an orca slid through the waves moving towards the lonely human on the desolate cliff. Slowly moving up and down the black lump began to be blocked from sight by the edge of the rock face.

Gently creeping forward, Ray peered over the edge his hands perched on the loose boulder clay as he looked at the playful orca at the base of the cliff. Content, he smiled at the orca leaning over more and squinting at the huge gentle beast. Leaning all the more in his happy state, Ray didn't notice the weak nature of the soil he placed his trust in.

Sharply the ground at Ray's hands fell away.

He dropped like a stone straight into the water, his body somersaulting and landing flat on the water. Winded from the severe impact he sank down unable to move due to the crippling pain in his abdomen and face.

Curiously the huge orca looked upon the foreign entity with surprise, where as Ray looked at the blurred mass coming towards him, with fear deep in his heart. Smiling with the white sharp teeth in its maw the whale spewed a green mist onto the asphyxiating human.  Ray was consumed by the green gloop as it gathered strongly around him.

Tingling began in his finger tips as the skin became tighter and more rubbery as his fingernails became thicker and pointier becoming claws. The skin up and along his arm tightened the pale white sheet thickening as it became more a black colour. Tensing and relaxing his arm muscles both bulked out as the skin began to shine more as the band of tighter skin expanded. Ray could feel the band moving but to him it was not painful but glorious. When the band hit a shred of fabric, the material disintegrated and dissolved away. Exploding upon contact with his shoulder the tight band raced across his chest, his upper torso bulking up and shoulder broadening immensely.

Simultaneously the band shot up his neck and down his torso. His neck popped and extended upwards as the band squeezed his neck, the throat became white rubbery skin and the back of his neck a dark black shining in the mist. The band reached his face and merged his top lip and nose pushing them forward in a orca like muzzle, sharp teeth pushing out his old one's which dissolved in the mist as his tongue pushed forward pink and soft. His eyes expanded the green wide and his ears shrunk down to holes in his black skinned head, patches of white growing around the edges of his eyes. While the band changed the head another altered his stomach, changing the flat into a prominent muscular six-pack with while skin running down the middle of his chest and belly. Ray felt the merging of his legs together and the extensions of his spine down his new body. The black and white rubbery skin followed the band and the previous bones and muscles dissolved painlessly into more or the new orca's body. Expanding and expanding the body grew out, thinning down after 10ft, the end forming a long fluke after the 5ft long taper.  The fluke was wide and slender, shimmering in the green azure. Looking down at his curling 15ft tail, Ray smiled gently as he wiggled the black mass around in the water.

His tongue rolled across his new sharp crystal white teeth as he felt a sharp prick in his back, the skin splitting and sealing as his lungs felt like they were on fire, a small pipe pushed through his spine connecting the hole on his back and the large organs in his rib cage. Ray looked over his new body with excitement and glee. Gently the green dissipated back into the blue bounty around the black and white individual.

Swiftly breaking the surface the ecstatic new being inhaled his first breathe through his blow hole, it was short but enough, before the brave hybrid slipped below the waves.  Swimming down deeper into the darkness, Ray could feel the pressure on his soft skin and sensing when the time was right, he turned around. Flicking his tail furiously, he felt the water get thinner the closer to the surface he got, his slender tail wiggling through the water.

Ray shot out of the water and fell flat onto the water broaching his back on the surface, the feeling warm and fuzzy as he sank back into the water. The orca rolled back into the water softly. Scanning the water he looked for something new to do in the blue canvas, the empty vast blue canvas.

A far call in the ocean stimulated Ray's ears. He began to swim, following his calling for the deep blue abyss as his black rubbery hide vanished, he only smiled, thinking how great his life would be from now on...
This was a short piece (1000) words for :iconsukigotan:
He requested an orcaga TF (or at least that what I think it's called) and it's been a great help in getting my arse into gear for writing again, so I hope you all enjoy!

Ray belongs to :iconsukigotan:
Written by me

Please visit his page he is a great friend of mine! :)
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aboloniguy Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
This is great you should make another one just as a goo tf instead of a mist tf
Brillneth-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I don't tend to write anymore, sorry!
aboloniguy Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
Ok its okay.
Brillneth-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

SnowyPenguin Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Nice work. The story is well-done; it just needs a bit more proofreading.
Brillneth-Dragon Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
erm thanx I'll take that on board for next time :)
RyClmn Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work dude, thanks a lot!
Brillneth-Dragon Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
no problem!
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